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Are you looking to unblock websites? Is your network administrator stopping you from surfing the internet at your own free will? Then you need a web proxy and luckily you have arrived at the best proxy in the USA.

WebProxySite.net helps thousands of individuals gain access to websites blocked on their network bypassing firewalls and keeping their internet activities secret. We encrypt all traffic that runs via our proxy servers so your information is always kept safe.

We take anonymity very seriously our whole company mission is to keep the internet free and open to as many people as possible. We employ staff to monitor network traffic and developers to fix known bugs on major social media sites that prevent us from proxifying them to you.

How Does A Proxy Work?

We get asked this so many times a day it hurts our brains. So let us tell you in the most simple way we can. A proxy server acts as a middle man between you and the website you want to visit. Obviously you are blocked from the website because of your network but you are not blocked from us! (We are the middle man). Our servers take your request to visit a website and perform it on your behalf relaying that information back to your screen quicker than you can say "OMG That's Amazing!"

It really is amazing we never touch your data or even pay attention to what you are doing we encrypt all our data transmitted by our servers so nothing can be spoofed or even viewed.

Enjoy browsing using our proxy server remember its 100% free there are no restrictions and your identity and information will never be logged.


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